Old Vin

Old Vin
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This piece is another attempt to integrate photographs in my work. I have mentioned that I am seeking a new direction. I am trying to remove as much extraneous ephemera as possible and boil my work down to more simple shapes. This particular work was a product of melding what I have been doing in the past with the new things I am doing. I relaxed a bit on the ephemera and allowed the box top and the random scrap to accent this piece.
The title is a joke I have with myself. I had removed the label from a bottle of Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin (which went down rather smoothly...) and afterwards I had forgotten the name and started calling it Old Vin, hence the title.

My own personal critique on this one:
The acrylic colors are rockin' and I liked that a lot. The green gold overlay on the red transparent iron oxide worked nicely. It almost glows. I think perhaps these colors may be complementary?
The bottom white pieces I regret, but I didn't want to remove or cover them. This is the weakest portion in the work. I added the stepladder pieces on the bottom instead to help it. I still stare at that portion and may end up covering it with something black.
The stencil effect was further enhanced by placement of decorative elements and photos. I really like how that turned out! Makes up for the bottom. (if i could only stop staring at it.)
All in all, worth framing for my show.

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