Paul Butler Again!

Paul Butler
Flower 3, 2006
Negative Print
40 x 29.75"
Edition of 5

I really liked this spring feeling flower print. Today I feel kind of down, and somehow this piece was rejuvenating.
Again, I have come across the trail of Paul Butler, who's powerful collage works are spacious and the dead opposite of my busy work!! He was in an exhibit at Elizabeth Leach Gallery, which had a special 25th Anniversary Show.
A Century of Collage
Group Exhibition
November 11 - December 30, 2006
In celebration of 25 years, Elizabeth Leach opens a compelling exhibition entitled
"A Century of Collage". This survey show, which focuses on one of the 20th Century's
most significant mediums; collage, will include renowned artists Joseph Cornell,
Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Motherwell, Kiki Smith, and others. Also featuring up
and coming artists such as Paul Butler, Javier Pinon, Karen Weiner as well as regional
artists Judy Cooke, Lee Kelly and Michelle Ross.

There is an online display of work from this show here . This would have been a good show to attend!! There were some prominent names such as Rauschenberg and Cornell --Kiki --displayed...along with several new collage artists. I am sorry that sometimes I seem to be just "catchingup" with old news. But still, looking at the works and seeing what is being done holds some value. I am thankful for the internet opening up new options for people like me that live out in the sticks, away from media and rich amounts of culture.

I also read that he has a book out that can be purchased here @ Plugin under shop/publications.

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