The Paris Vitrines

I just had to use the word Vitrine in the title of this post. What an excellent word!!!
Matthew Rose, again doing innovative and envious things! I read about this exhibit he has put together, Drinking with Scissors, and I was very enthused over this!! He has partnered with a local winery to create a collage wine label. He painted up wine bottles and collaged them for this exhibit, and I liked that artistic touch. And futher, he has put together small exhibits in his town, inside store front windows to promote the wine escapades. What a great way to take over the town and provide some culture! I like the theory behind this idea. Matthew, you are an inspiration!!! How I would have like to see this in person!!

Bringing art to the people is what it's all about. I am in a good position to try something like this. I have a studio/loft that resides on the second floor of a building in my town of Fort Plain. It is an interesting but pathetic little town, not romatic and dreamy like a town in France would be. But does it deserve less art because of it? Is the reason that there is no culture because creatives like me give up on the idea immediately upon thinking it. There isn't anything here. BUT, there can be! On the bottom floor of my loft is Fort Plain Antiques, the antique store of my sweet love Chris. He has 2 major storefront windows. Perhaps I can arrange an "art and antiques" situation with him, and maybe even other antique dealers around here, and put together a small exhibit here?? The location is ideal, situation right smack in the center of town and at a stoplight. I may have to approach him about this...It could be an opportunity.

No matter what, the works of Matthew Rose get more interesting to me daily. I have to keep my eyes on him!! You can visit The Paris blog here ...but more importantly, you can view the images of Matthew Rose's exhibit here.

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